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What is Social Media?

“Social Media Marketing is ‘Word of Mouth’ advertising on loud speakers”

Social media marketing is becoming the most efficient and effective channel to reach your prospect buyers and to increase your company’s market share. Statistics make it clear that more than 60% of Europeans investigate on the Internet before they buy online either via their computer or their smartphones. Now it is becoming clear that your prospect buyers before they make their purchasing decisions are engaging online and listening to what others in Blogs and social networks have to say about your company, your products and services.

Some facts to convince you

Bellow, we provide some facts to make it clear to you that Social Media sites and tools are by far the most utilized on the Internet. The figures bellow were released by Nielsen Wire in June, 2011.

  • Social Media Networks such as Facebook, Tweeter, YouTube and Blogs consume nearly 25% of peoples’ time online, that would be one in every 4½ minutes online
  • The entire world spends 110 billion!!! minutes on Social Media networks
  • The number of people who are visiting Social Media sites has increased by 25% over the last year
  • The average Social Media visitor spends 67% more time on these sites than they did a year ago
  • Facebook has now more than 700 million active users (54% of the total internet population) who spend over 750 billion minutes per month on the network. On average, each user has 130 friends.
  • Tweeter has 110 millions registered users who on average send 200 million tweets per day.
  • YouTube: 49 hours of video are uploaded every minute with more than 3 billion views per day.

These data suggest that consumers spend most of their time no longer on TV, newspapers or radio but on the Internet and specifically on Social Media networks. This is where your company must invest (in time and money) so that it increases it’s exposure and become known.

WHY do I need Social Media and can it really help my company grow?”

Now it is time to ask you a few questions.

  • What if …you could engage online and deal with a client’s complaint instantly, resolve it, and restore your customer’s faith in you, and also boost your reputation to the rest of thousands of viewers?social-media-questions1
  • What if … the power of ‘word of mouth’ advertising was reaching thousands of prospective customers immediately creating instant awareness about your special offer or new product?
  • What if…you could receive a positive review or recommendation that thousands of prospect buyers saw instantly?
  • What if... you could run a targeted online advertising campaign that could reach not only buyers in Cyprus but also abroad who need exactly what you sell at very low cost compared to traditional advertising?

A corporate website let alone is not anymore a viable solution to increasing profitability and corporate awareness over the Internet. Social media marketing can help your company leverage its market share and reach consumers who could not be approached otherwise. A well crafted Social Media strategy, along with clear rules of engagement, would guarantee that your company will achieve higher profit margins through happy and repeat customers who believe in your online brand. As such, the personality of your business shines through and you establish a group of loyal followers. This success is based on some essential ingredients such as microbloging via Tweeter, Facebook corporate pages, video distributions, mobile marketing strategy, email marketing and of course an effective website.

Your next big question is “HOW?…”

social-media-howNow you may be wondering how all these can be done. This is where we jump in the game. SocialSpace Global Media offers a full package of services designed to build a community around your product and brand and to drive quality traffic to your website. In the reforming digital age your company needs an experienced and reliable partner who can help you build a successful social media campaign that will increase your sales and profits as well as further build your online reputation and brand. Our team of social media marketing experts will sit with you and design a social media campaign tailored to your company’s needs. Whether it is establishing an online brand, building a strong reputation online, or just generating more followers, we will design a campaign specific to your needs. Since Social Media is a set of tools that constantly changing, we monitor and adapt our campaigns on an ongoing basis to ensure that our customers are always one step ahead of their competition.

Our Social Media Marketing services

Social media can provide your company with a number of thrilling opportunities to connect and communicate with your clients in a more personal and meaningful manner than ever before.  Our social media marketing campaigns are based on a wide range of communication channel mix which can explicitly help our clients establish an online brand. Among others, our company offers the following social media services. Click on each service to find our more of what we can offer to your organization.


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