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Email Marketing Strategies that will boost your sales


Over time, it became imperative for an Internet marketing strategy to encompass Email Marketing services as the benefits of email marketing are multiple and immediate. One of the main benefits of Email Marketing is that it can make your business and brand more popular and inform your audience about your products and services very quickly. As a result, Email Marketing can tremendously leverage your company’s sales and profits. It works! Promotions via Email Marketing campaigns generate immediate action: online and offline sales, direct downloads (company catalogs, special offers, brochures) from your website, user inquiries about your products and services, member registrations, etc. Additionally, Informative email newsletters provide potential clients with incentives to visit your company’s shop, attend your events, build awareness, encourage trust and loyalty and in essence establish your brand.

It Actually Works!

Companies engage in Email Marketing because it actually works and this statement is very well supported by the statistics bell                                                                                                                                                                                                 e-mail-marketing-actually-works

  • An Econsultancy survey done on February, 2011 suggests that 72% of respondents described email’s ROI as excellent.
  • 40% of industry executives said that the advertising channel that performed the most for them was Email Marketing as revealed by the 2010 Annual Marketing Survey of Datran Media,
  • Forbes Media’s Ad Effectiveness Survey, March 2009 announced that email marketing is considered the first-most effective tool for generating conversions.

Now your question is “Why it works?”

Email marketing works for a several reasons…

  • It is immediate.
  • It drives direct sales and it also supports sales through other channels.
  • It allows targeting and it is data driven.
  • It promotes engagement and it builds relationships, loyalty and trust.
  • It builds and enhances relationships with clients through targeted direct communications.
  • It reaches customers both locally and abroad on their preferred method of communication.


SocialSpace Global Media Email Marketing Services

Our online marketing team can help you design and implement a very effective email marketing strategy for your business. The email marketing strategy that we can design for your company includes the following: email-marketing-services-big

  • Large Database: We can send your message to more than 35,000 qualified email recipients in Cyprus
  • Email Design: Development of custom email design template/newsletter to fit to the overall image and brand of your company
  • Be Personal: Development of personal and targeted messages
  • Optimized Emails: Optimized designed email messages to support your overall offline and offline marketing efforts
  • Social Media Integration: Integration to your social media networks such as Facebook and Twitter
  • Email Safety: We provide safety mechanism such as anti-spam methodologies, domain name verifications, unsubscribe policies, etc.
  • Obey EU Regulations: Provide proper opt-out link to support the EU directive 2002/31/CE – A5-270/2001

Interested in our Email Marketing Services?

Contact SocialSpace Global Media today and our Social Media professionals will be glad to provide you with personalized assistance! Complete our Online Inquiry form or call us at +357 700 088 088. You may also consider our other e-Marketing services in designing your online marketing strategy:


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