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5 tips for more effective use of social media

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social-media-image-dimensions-infographicIt is well known that social media have become one of the most important ingredients of the digital marketing mix. People spend way too many hours per day in each and every social channel, leaving companies with no other choice but to use them in their strategic planning.

Here are 5 tips for effectively utilize them in promoting your business:

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6 steps to create a successful marketing plan for social media

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When-to-hire-or-not-to-hire-Social-Media-Consultant-for-your-business10Every social media serves a specific purpose. Therefore for example you can use Instagram to showcase your products, you can use Facebook to create contests, or twitter to make quick announcements. However always you have to use them to create traffic to your webpage, which should be your strong key.

Here are the 6 important points to consider:

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6 ways to avoid the undesired junk folder

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newsletter_spam_3778439Research indicates that email marketing can have immediate positive results for a business, assuming that it is used properly and it is able to give immediate boost to your sales, to the number of recurring customers, and to the average purchase volume done by each buyer. Nevertheless, most of the times, a large number of promotional emails that companies send, end up in the junk folder.

Read below the steps to follow to minimize the chance of being ‘junked’.

  1. Avoid irrelevant material in the content
  2. Add a clear unsubscription option
  3. Break your large senders lists into smaller
  4. Also avoid any large images, which convert your e-mail to spam
  5. Avoid the use of 2 or more consecutive capital letters in the Subject
  6. Avoid spammy words such as Free, Special Offers, etc. in the Subject

Please note that this is just a small list of the several factors that affect email deliverability. Our Email Marketing seminar guide you through the entire process of minimizing the chances of being perceived as a spammer.

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