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About SocialSpace Global Media

We Are SocialSpace Global Media

SocialSpace Global Media is a results-driven, online channel media optimization and performance agency based in Cyprus. Our main focus is to influence audience behavior, starting from awareness, proceeding to conversion and finally to retention, to help companies establish an online brand and drive higher sales and profits through successful online engagement. Here at SocialSpace Global Media we are selective about the companies we work with. We take advantage of the most influential, established social media platforms and eMarketing channels to help our customers:

  • Create awareness
  • Elevate corporate brand equity,
  • Improve client service and satisfaction
  • Facilitate market research
  • Strengthen customer loyalty
  • Transform current clients into significant promoters of your brand
Our ultimate goal is to drive new business to your company and increase your sales and profitability!

Our Team

SocialSpace Global Media’s Cyprus team is composed of a dynamic mix of many personalities and talents whose main objective is to deliver exceptional and measurable results to our clients. Currently the expertise of our workforce covers the whole e-marketing spectrum:

    • Dedicated e-marketing strategist & project management
    • eMarketing specialized trainers and consultants
    • Social media and email marketers
    • Facebook & mobile application developers

Why we do what we do

We strongly believe that corporate brand is the most important asset of a company. Without it there is no differentiation and unique identity, and thus no future for a company. Therefore it is getting clear that branding is not just beating competition. Instead, it is the image we build so that your audience and prospect clients see you as the only company who has the answer to their problems. So to answer the ‘why’ question, we do what we do because we know that our long-term experience and expertise, our loyal team and the tools and e-marketing strategies we harness can help your company establish an e-brand and engage with your clients online, successfully.

How we do it

The answer to this question is straight forward: We just do it! We have been in this business long enough to posses the necessary experience and expertise to capture and understand what you need to successfully compete online. While social media is our competitive edge, we integrate it into a company-wide online marketing strategy, which includes the following components:

    • Social Media Strategy
      • Facebook campaign Management
      • Twitter Online Engagement
      • LinkedIn Communication management
      • YouTube channel management
    • Email Marketing campaign management
    • Pay Per Click (PPC) & Search Engine Marketing
    • Mobile Marketing
    • e-branding & online reputation management
    • e-Marketing & e-Commerce Consulting
    • e-Marketing Training Seminars (Subsidized by HRDA)

Additionally, SocialSpace Global Media provides consulting and training services which can help your company achieve higher competencies and standards internally, which can further promote your company’s growth on the online arena. Contact us today to find out how we  can help you set and achieve your eMarketing goals.

SocialSpace Global Media

57 Digeni Akrita Str, Office 201
1070, Nicosia, Cyprus

Fax: +357 22261088
Tel: +357 70 088 088

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